Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jerry !

This image is a postcard sent to me long ago by my old friend Bob Wreck, and remains a piece in the Phillips Collection France. I am a packrat, and throw few things out, and especially not nice images of Jerry Garcia merging with the clouds and the universe. . . what I would give to be able to turn back the clock, and be heading for a Dead show with mail order ticket in hand, not a worry in the world, and knowing that a long strange night of intense music was coming up shortly. . . "need a miracle, every day" ! But from that cup no more. . .



Vivian aka Deborah said...

thank God his music lives on and on through records, cassettes and Cd's and more. Nice photo of the post card.

Owen said...

And his music lives on also on the site where there are over 5000 live Dead concert recordings of excellent quality available free in streaming audio covering the entire 30 years of their incredible existence... glad you like the image, I do too... !