Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chaos 20 Meters Away. . .

After all of the photos from the House of Chaos near Lyon the other day, I had totally forgotten about this much older photo of a sign saying "Chaos à 20 M" or, Chaos 20 meters up the path. Just go a little way through the woods, and you will find Chaos ! Glad to know where to find Chaos. . . because in fact I kept thinking that chaos was the mess on my desk to clean up, or our backyard after a winter's worth of neglect, or my job these days, or the world in general. . . what a relief to know it's not as widespread as all that. . . I will sleep easier tonight.




henk van es said...

Some years ago I did some study of Chaos Theory, but I am afraid that I forgot most of thank you for helping me (and all others) in showing where the Chaos actually is located!

Owen said...

One must not forget about Chaos ! And certainly don't turn your back on it ! And although I showed the sign, you no doubt noticed, being the very sharp reader that you are, that I didn't go so far as to say exactly where it is... can you imagine if the word got out, and large numbers of people started turning up and taking away even minute quantities of Chaos on the soles of their shoes... and tracking it all over the place ???
Heaven forbid, we are already in bad enough shape as it is ! :-)

ladydi said...

Please wipe the Chaos off your shoes before coming inside!