Saturday, March 14, 2009

Baby Discovers New Form of Life. . .

Someone out there said they liked "cute"; so will submit this shot of my daughter aged less than one year from 1994 to the vast public blog panel to see if this counts as "cute", "too cute", "extremely cute" or "exceedingly cute" ? ? ? Waiting for your votes to start pouring in as "comments". . . I know flat frogs, dead skunks, various roadkill victims, wrecked cars, plains of tires, cemeteries, and so forth do not all fall exactly into the "cute" category, but I never said I was the cutest guy in the world ; am just telling it like I saw it through the lens of whatever camera I happened to be carrying at the time. For the record, all these older black and white shots were taken with my tried and trusty car wreck survivor Canon A1, purchased way back in 1979 when I was living in sunny South Carolina. Today I'm using much more often a Canon 40D, while waiting to win the lottery so I can by a 5D and maybe a Hasselblad or some such large format behemoth, although I really like travelling light. . .



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Jilly said...

Indeed a cute photograph. A lovely shepherd type dog. Perhaps an Old English Sheepdog mix?

Yes, the problem with a 'proper' camera is that they weigh so much and wandering around, snapping magical moments, is harder.