Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Winter Flood...

Well, as mentioned earlier, it's not just about the photography. Sometimes visions like this one come unbidden to take root in a dark submerged part of my cerebellum... and seek release until one day they come pouring out on paper...
.......The Flood
When the cold weather came
And the city shut off
The natural gas
A pipe in the cellar froze and burst
Like a blood vessel in the brain
When the thaw arrived
The water flowed
When no one was home
The water poured out
Under pressure
Going places it was not
Supposed to go
Like blood in the brain
Of the victim of a stroke
Water rushed in as it did
In the ballroom of the Titanic
The house was sinking
Bottles of wine and books
Were floating adrift
Cartons of laundry soap
Quickly soaked and broke
Unleashing cleansing froth and bubbles
Two cats ran upstairs
While the water rose
The cellar was full
Electric drills a mountain bike
Bags of catfood
Bumped against the ceiling
Awash in the churning tide
All the fuses blew
Relentlessly the water rose
In the living room
The sofa and TV
Were cast free
From the shore of gravity
Levitating on the inland sea
Two cats sensed impending danger
As the water climbed the stairs
They meowed
In a desperate cat chorus
Searching vainly for an exit
A child’s balloon bobbed about
With kitchen chairs
And the coffee table
Water ran back down
The kitchen sink drain
But not as fast as it poured out
Of the ruptured cellar pipe
The cold water filled the house
Clear up to the roof
Two cats drowned
Clawing at a window
Books swelled to twice
Their normal size
Clothes swam in closets
Toilet paper turned to pulp
Finally the ground floor windows broke
Water roared and spurted like a geyser
Two cats corpses
Landed in a rose bush
Snared by thorns
The lawn was strewn
With waterlogged books
The TV ended up at the foot of a tree
Never again to serve
As a purveyor of insanity
When the owners came home
They both had strokes

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