Wednesday, February 18, 2009

California Earthquake . . .

Having just figured out how to embed a YouTube video into this blog, I'm going to do it again here, but I promise, I am not going to make a habit of it, I mean, jeez, if you want to find videos, I'm sure you'll head straight to YouTube or Daily Motion or wherever, without needing my help... having said that, many below posts have mentioned the Grateful Dead, or related artwork, and this video brings back memories of one of the most amazing of all the Dead shows I went to way back when. . . when Jerry was still alive. . . I liked the line near the start that says "It blew the living daylights out of the Owens County Seat... which gave it a personal touch for me. (Seriously, how many songs ever written mention the name "Owen" ? ? ?)
This song, California Earthquake, was written by Rodney Crowell, you can find the lyrics for it here. The Grateful Dead only played it two times, both in October 1989, a few days after the October 17th, 1989 earthquake near San Francisco that caused severe damage around the Bay area.

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