Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dream House In The Woods. . .

There is a dream house
Waiting in the woods
When I can no longer
Stand this present world
I will go there
And fix the roof, mend the walls
Build a rocking chair for the porch
Live there peacefully
In quiet
Far from the crowds
Far from the maddening rushing about
Until the end of my days. . .
And it looks something like this, my dream house in the woods. . .



henk van es said...

This is such a wonderful picture! Good that you can bring this collection of negatives to a new life. I like the grey of the picture and your poetic text suggesting that one day....well, it may be a dream, but it is a beautiful one

Owen said...

The way things are going in the world these days, it could be a dream becoming reality faster than one might imagine... Thanks for your kind words Henk, always a pleasure to read you. . .

pRiyA said...

Hi Owen, I have been scrolling through this large collection of dream houses a bit in awe actually. I like best the pictures where the houses are dwarfed by nature, such as this one. Living like this one is constantly humbled at one's insignificance compared to the rest of the universe.
Thank you for sharing your collection.