Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dead Ahead...

If you can find it well below here somewhere there is a photo in shades of green light of the Grateful Dead on stage in the Zenith Theatre, Paris, France in 1990. In case anyone had any doubts as to the veracity of that story (of course I know you didn't !... but then again, the internet is chock full of frauds and trickery of various sorts) here is the ticket stub ; illustrated with quite an assortment of wildlife... well, every Grateful Dead show was a little bit of a circus, a zoo, a menagerie, a carnaval, a magic lantern show, a magical mystery tour, a voyage to the end of the night, an epiphany. . . may you rest in peace Jerry. And may I find you sitting in a roadside cafe playing an acoustic guitar someday in that country, wherever it is that we are all going to visit someday... and may the music be sweet and never stop.

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