Tuesday, March 17, 2009

De Soto . . .

Hernando de Soto was such a kind and considerate conquistador while conquering vast swaths of Central and South America back in the 1500's that he had a car named after him in the 1900's. Just as de Soto's life came to an untimely end, so did that particular line of automobiles in 1960 or thereabouts. . . about when I was born. This particular De Soto pictured here also came to a sad end, on its roof in a stretch of woods in central Pennsylvania, with the engine fallen on the ground and missing a headlight. . . soon to be overgrown no doubt and disappear forever in a pile of rust. (photographed in 1988)

It still had one lovely chrome hubcap remaining, which I was not about to let decompose with the rest of this Chrysler car cadaver, so I took it home, cleaned it up, and today it is a cherished piece in the Phillips Collection France. . .

PS see earlier post way below here on a Syrian DeSoto in Damascus

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Vivian aka Deborah said...

Very interesting.....the photos of the uppa-side down car left to rot in the woods and the saved hub cap...and the history of De Soto.
Another photo of yours that brings back memories for me. I had a 1960 Dodge Matador in which I saved the hub caps and cigarette lighter from.

Great shot of the car with its engine hanging out.