Monday, June 1, 2009

Tagged !


As mentioned below, life has been flying by at the speed of light, and I've been running along to keep up. On the 18th of May I was tagged by Joanna Dover, and had barely started to think about how to deal with that first-ever event for this blog, when, while still reeling from the implications, I was tagged again by The Watercats on May 23rd. That one-two left-right quick succession had me in the corner, on the ropes, as I had gathered from my shallow knowledge of blogging etiquette that being tagged or receiving awards was not something to take lightly, it was clear that responses were required. But there are only 24 hours in a day, some of which must be devoted to that great waste of time SLEEP, and all my requests to every deity I can think of to extend the day by several hours to allow more time for blogging, have fallen on deaf ears.
So after two weeks had passed and I still had not responded to the first tag, let alone the second, I figured I was probably down for the count, like the figure on the sidewalk above. But I've always subscribed to the "Better Late Than Never" school, so at long last, here is a combined answer to the two tags, and then at the end, the list of six blogs I am in turn tagging to fulfil the mission defined by the original tag.
The rules are:
-Respond and rework
-Answer questions on your own blog
-Replace one question
-Tag 6 people
What are your current obsessions?
- Taking better photographs (same as my old obsessions)
- Making the most out of every day, but not having enough hours in said day
Which item from your wardrobe do you wear most often?
- My acoustic guitar, my camera, and my kangaroo
What's for Dinner?
- A mix of Janice Joplin, Grateful Dead, and Leonard Cohen, with Bruce Cockburn for dessert
What's the last thing you bought?
- A camera for my daughter, seems she also has caught the shutter bug
What are you listening to?
- Squirrels chattering in the blogosphere
- Michael Franks : “Popsicle Toes”
If you were a God/Goddess who would you be?
- The Toad God
Favorite holiday spots?
- North Brittany coast, northern Arizona, southern Utah, south-central France, Wyoming, Guadeloupe
Reading right now?
- “Consider the Lobster” by David Foster Wallace
Who or what makes you split your sides laughing?
- Steve at Bloggertropolis, Laurie at Creating Pictures, and Amanda at More Canterbury Tales
(because their puns are so totally horrendous)
Who's your Hero/Heroine?
- Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Carlos Santana, David Gilmour, Bruce Cockburn, Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Jackson Browne, Loudon Wainwright (Dead Skunk !) and so on…
First Spring Thing?
- Going to see the rhododendrons blooming in the woods near hear
Favourite Film?
- That’s a tough one… maybe “Diva” by Jean-Jacques Beneix, or "Shakespeare In Love"
Care to share some wisdom?
- No, if you don’t have enough by now, it’s too late !
(or maybe : Don’t pee into the wind… for you males out there)
If you were a tree, which one would you be, and why?
- A Bristlecone Pine, to live thousands of years, or a Giant Sequoia for sheer majesty
Name fictitious characters who made a lasting impression on you?
-Aragorn, Frodo, Bilbo, Gandalf, and Daniel Martin (John Fowle’s book of that title)
4 words to describe yourself?
- Mysterious
- Observant
- Thoughtful
- Curious
6 things you love? (other than the obvious ones)
- Playing with the cats
- Finding an abandoned house
- Playing my guitar in stone chapels with excellent acoustics
- Reading a good poem
- Trying to write a good poem
- Giving and getting massages
- Reading by a fireplace in winter
- Kayaking around the Morlaix Bay
- Foie gras with sauternes

Was that more than six ? Oh dear, never did learn to count too good…
So, here are Six blogs which are hereby "TAGGED" :
- Art Contemplations
- Art Of the City
- Décolleté
- Excessively Thoughtful Chewing
- Margaret Panpipes
- More Canterbury Tales


The Sagittarian said...

Best advice I was given, you should never kick a fresh turd on a hot day.

Lynne with an e said...

But what if I don't know 6 people to tag...I mean, they have to have blogs, right? And I don't want to piss off people that I don't even know, let alone the few I do. This strikes me rather like a chain letter. Will I ruin my chances of winning a million dollars and/or going to Heaven if I fail to respond or tag others? Isn't this how plagues are spread??...Actually, I already responded to this tag but the raccoons stole all my answers.

lovelyprism said...

The answers to these tags tell you a lot about people. I liked your answers, they were thoughtful. louciao up there was probably voted class clown in high school.

Steve said...

Hmm... set phasers to pun, eh?

Actually I have this meme to do myself sometime... it's currently on the back burner while I consider my responses.

SP said...

See, I'm with Louciao on this, and in London I don't think raccoons is a viable excuse... Thanks for the tag though and in general for your supportive comments, they are hugely appreciated. I will pass on the tag soon, though I figure if I follow your lead, that gives me at least a fortnight respite.

Batteson.Ind said...

nice to meet you! !-D

Lynne with an e said...

lovelyprism: harrumph! Actually, I was voted most intriguing, artistic, creative, brilliant and won several academic awards. Consider yourself tagged!