Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good Morning England !

Although I'm not usually given to doing publicity in these pages, on Sunday night la Grenouille and Mr Toad went out to the movies to see Good Morning England, starring Kenneth Branagh, among others . . . and all I can say is : it was a ROCKING GOOD TIME, full of surprises and plenty of excellent rock music. So if for whatever reason part of your heart is still tied to the 1960's, well, don't miss this film . . . nuff said . . . Have any of you all seen it already ? If so, what did you think ? (Just in case, this is obviously not a photo I did, it is from the movie...)



Steve said...

Is this The Ship That Rocked? Wow. Must have renamed it for European audiences.

Lynne with an e said...

This does look like my cup of tea. I will definitely be on the lookout for it. However, I doubt it will ever reach the cultural wasteland in which I find myself presently "living."

La Framéricaine said...

I LOVED this film. Saw it in St. Michel s/Orge w/Le F & my SIL! I bought her the soundtrack at the FNAC on rue de Rennes in Paris en solde!!!

I can't wait to get back to France to listen to it and hope it shows up in the USA. It was adorable.

I also love Philip Seymour Hoffman!

Glad you took time to post about it.


Aleks said...

Im still waiting for it to come but I saw some short trailers and I cant wait enough,I think its rocking good,greetings Sandra

Nathalie H.D. said...

Yes Steve, they did rename the movie for the French-speaking market. Go figure!

My ex and my daughter saw it in Paris last week and had a rocking good time. Gotta go, thanks for reminding me.

babbler said...

This looks like it is right up my alley - slugs enjoy rock music immensely. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! I will take a gander at it and then wear my neck brace in case I start head banging! By the way, I noticed those headphones are decorated in a rather groovy fashion...I like it! (wagging my tail vigorously)
Mrs. Slug

Batteson.Ind said...

Didn't even know it exsisted!... will keep an ear eye out for it!

Owen said...

Steve, thanks for letting me know it has another name... so, it's either "The Ship That Rocked", or "Good Morning England". I wonder under which title it is under in the USA. In any case, it rocks. This is from the same director that brought us "Four Weddings and a Funeral"; and is fantastic from start to finish. Haven't enjoyed a movie this much in a long while.

Louciao, I hope it does come your way, I think you would REALLY like it... well, if not, it will be out on DVD some day no doubt... but it's nice on the big screen too, with surround sound.... :-D

Hi la Fram ! So happy to see you out and about, and yeah, wasn't it great fun ! Too many laughs and a few tears of joy even !

Hi Aleksa, hope you can catch it, really fun... thanks for dropping in here !

Hi Nathalie, hope you can see it soon, it is really wonderful, would love to hear your opinion on it once you have... hope all is well in Avignon ! I hear the sun shines down there, unlike here in the far north grey rainy lands...

Dear Babbler, no doubt this will have you nodding your head and tail vigorously, the thump beat of bass drums and bass guitars must be perfect for slug resonance ! Thanks a million for your Slug Anatomy 101 class !

(PS Anyone who has not visited Mrs and Mr Slug yet should waggle on over there ASAP, their home, Slug Rest, is one of the slickest places in the blogosphere... a jolly good fun time at every visit with wonderful hosts... don't miss it !!! Just click on "Babbler" here)

Dear Watercats, something tells me you might really like this one... although I don't know you yet as well as I'm starting to think I'd like to, this one may be right up your alley... please be sure to let me know what you think once you do get around to seeing it... I think the compost fortune teller said you were going to be seeing it soon... oooohhh, that smelly compost !!

The Sagittarian said...

oooh, after Jackson Brown let me down badly I reckon Kenneth Branagh could almost take his place....I don't think I've been to the movies to see anything grown-up for quite sometime.

LR Photography said...

Excellent portrait!