Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tombs of the Fallen : Les Tombeaux des Tombés

Hello to everyone who might see this here... Would like to let anyone who may interested know that I will be giving a photo show from 3 November to 29 November (2014) at the Cultural Center of Chantilly, France.  The show will be composed of photos I've made over the past 20 years related to the history of World War One, and the tombs of soldiers who fought in that war.  This is the poster which will be distributed shortly to help promote interest in the exhibition...
Bonjour à tous, au cas où vous voyez ceci... J'aimerais vous informer que je vais exposer au Centre Culturel de Chantilly, entre le 3 et 29 novembre, une collection d'une cinquantaine de photos que j'ai faites depuis 20 ans des tombeaux des soldats de la Grande Guerre. Voici l'affiche qui sera distribuée bientôt pour promouvoir cette exposition...
Also for info, for the past two years now have been actively showing my work on Facebook, you can find it here :

And a new page has been started in support of this photo show, and whatever may come after, you can see it here :


Vivian aka Deborah said...

Congratulations on your show, Owen! If I lived closer, I would attend. All the best to you!

Debby aka: Vivian

Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

So good to see you pop up on my side bar Owen. I can't think of a better photographer to get up a centennial exhibition of this kind. All the best with it.
Love Jeneane

James said...

Congratulations Owen! I think it will be a huge success! If I would go for sure if I was close enough. Please take some pictures from the show and post them.

Side note I haven't checked your blog for a post in almost a year. Then viola you just posted this yesterday. Take care. :-)

temporal rooms said...

how wonderful Owen!

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Hey, Owen, are you back on Blogger for good? If so, this makes me very happy. I've missed your voice. Good luck with your show.