Tuesday, August 4, 2009

# 524 Blogland Lane . . . Welcome !

If you haven't been already, there is something fun happening over at Blogland Lane which you can get to by clicking here . . . A new community is springing up, and plots are going fast, so if you're interested, do stake out your lot and claim your address. I'm hoping 524 is still available, let's just say 524 has sentimental value to me. Here's a photo of 524 Blogland Lane.
Please don't think I have delusions of grandeur or anything, I'm just thinking in a forward looking manner about all the great company there's going to be dropping in all the time on Blogland Lane, so I wanted to make sure there will be enough bedrooms for everyone who'll be coming by, some big rooms for entertaining, and plenty of wall space to put up framed photographs and other art that everyone is going to be bringing over to get up on the walls in this combination home and international art gallery. If you click here, you can see a few other of my candidates which were close in the running for space on Blogland Lane, but actually, 524 has enough land around it to slip some of my other dream house properties into discreet hollows in the woods.
So, welcome to my humble abode at Blogland Lane, hope to see you over there very soon . . .

a wide choice of available land
including double lots,
lakeside, ocean front,
small plots, rambling acreage,
dells with forest canopies,
tree lined, flat, or hilly terrain,
whatever you want.
Just put up a picture of your home/yard
on your own blog
and the place is yours!
Provide any details and descriptions you want,
and put out the Welcome Mat
or the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign.
(Just leave a comment on her blog letting people know they can see
your house on your blog.)


Lynne with an e said...

Can I have the turret when I come visit?

Owen said...

Oh definitely Lynne, there is a great view from up there, and plenty of space to set up easels and things... :-D

Margaret Pangert said...

Lovely castle, Owen! I'm deciding which of my chef-d'oeuvres I would like on display in your gallery!Please feel free to visit me anytime at 1710 Blogland Lane, along the ocean! This is so grand! Enjoy your company and vacation! Best, Margaret

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Wow! I see you like your house to be built to last! This is a great idea. Thanks for introducing it to us. Now most squirrels are satisfied with just some leaves in a tree but I want something more. I'll give it some thought.

kj said...

hahaha owen! this is awesome!

i am delighted you have taken residence on blogland lane and i can tell already you are going to be fun to get to know. i think you'll enjoy dropping in on your neighbors.

i think the first new year's eve party might have to be at your place....


Amy said...

Oh wow - what a fun idea!

Your place looks like it has a huge library with a secret door. I hope you get lots of visitors.

SP said...

When's the housewarming party then?!
Also, thought you might appreciate the nod here...


Lydia said...

Marvelous! It's the kind of place you deserve.
Now I must go see what this is all about.

Wieneke (no. 30) said...

Hello neighbor Owen, how nice you got yourself a home at Blogland Lane. It is a French castle, I think? Beautiful. It is lovely to have such a house and not to think about money and people to clean the windows :-) Walk a while and come over to my place at no. 30. We can sit at the small pond and have a chat.

Bimbimbie said...

Bonjour neighbour Owen thank you for inviting me over to your humble abode ;) Kj's right, New Year's Eve at yours ... I think a masked ball perhaps.

Weekly, I'll happily trade you a large bag of wild birdseed lightly coated in manuka honey that will have all the feathered and fur friends of Blogland Lane visiting you in no time. Might I suggest you turn one of your gorgeous iron chandeliers into a unique feeder and hang it close to your favourite balcony. And remember to leave some water I think one of your many champagne buckets would be perfect for them. In exchange, could you help me parlezs vous francais ... please*!*

Owen said...

Hi Wieneke,
Well, it WAS a French chateau, until I had it taken apart one stone at a time, and had it all shipped to Blogland Lane, where a small army of squirrels, slugs, artists, and stone masons put it all back together again, all in one night (last night)... today I'm just moving the furniture over, and stocking the kitchen, but will be ready to receive by this evening... (logistics is my specialty, you see...) ;-D

PS If you know any good window washers, they are welcome ! While they're spiffying things up I'd be happy to come sit by your pond and chat for a while...


Lydia, glad you think so, I am so happy to finally have won the Blogland Lane lottery and at last acquire the property of my dreams... :-D You're welcome anytime, we can have some poetry readings...


SP, Housewarming will be this weekend, just need to finish getting supplies in, chopping wood for the fireplaces, and so forth... many thanks for the nod ! Herzog is fantastic, isn't he? And right up your alley... see you at the Chateau...


Amy, of course, there is a vast library, with lots of staircases and secret rooms, just like in "The Name of the Rose"... If you can make it to the housewarming could you please bring a few dozen gallons of your great Pirate Party Punch ??? ;-D


Owen said...

Hi KJ !
Glad to meet you... and sure, we can start planning for the New Years Eve party, we'll need three or four bands for the different wings of this particular Toad Hall. And truckloads of champagne... candles, party masks... oh, the whole kit and kaboodle... and by that time I'm sure Blogland Lane will be just teeming with wonderful folks... CAN'T WAIT !!! ;-D

PS in the meanwhile, drop by anytime for coffee or tea...


Hi Lone Grey, well, even if you just want to come take up residence from time to time in one of the hollow trees in the woods at 524 Blogland Lane, you are always welcome, and bring your nut loving friends... the more the merrier !


Hey Margaret, if you have trouble deciding which chefs d'oeuvres to bring, well, you can bring several, there's plenty of space ! Do please come to the housewarming aperatif party this weekend !


Hi Bimbimbie, ah, cast iron chandeliers for birdfeeders... a fine idea, I think there are a few up in the attics that have been waiting for such a perfect suggestion... and water, yes, in silver champagne buckets, nothing but the best for our feathered friends ! So it is, a masked ball at New Years at #524 Blogland Lane...

Owen said...

Oh, and Lynne, just wanted you to know, the bats that were up there in the main turret until recently have been carefully and kindly transferred to a nearby cave, so you can sleep easy up there under the eaves... :-D

Lynne with an e said...

Bats?! You know they always come back to where they were born, don't you? Hmmm...may have to reconsider my choice of room. I wouldn't want to deafen myself with my own blood-curdling screaming reverberating around those stone turret walls.

After having browsed through the prospectus of other houses you had on offer, I think you've made the right choice with the Chatoad (sorry, couldn't find the circumflex to put over the "a" in "Chatoad")

Katiejane said...

Well HI Owen! Glad to have you as a neighbor! I really like your cottage/castle. I see there will be lots and lots of rooms to wander. Do you have ghosts? I like ghosts. You must be around the corner from me.

JoMo said...

That is some fine address Owen! Glad to year you're hosting the New Year's fete.

You're welcome to come over to Number 88 and choose a piece of art or three to hang in the art gallery!


Roxana said...

wow, what a castle! you could have half of the blogosphere there as your guests :-)

just for the fun of it, i wonder what dream house would make just the opposite of this?

~Babs said...

Hi Owen, It is,,,yes it is,,,a chateau! Your stone masons did a beautiful job!
Oh! I must go press my newest castle frock for the housewarming parteee!
Come grab a cup of something at my new location when you have time. #64 Blogland Lane
(International gallery,,,,wow!)

Owen said...

Hi Babs, I did indeed just stop by, your place is fabulous, all that water... is there a sail boat hiding there somewhere ??? Thank you so much, the stone masons will be very happy to hear your compliment. See you soon... :-)


Dear Roxana, it is possible that the entire blogosphere could fit in the chateau for the housewarming party, there is an infinitely long west wing that goes off into the hillside behind the visible structure there, with endless ballrooms and beer halls and concert theatres... :-)

Am not sure which of the other dream houses is the best opposite of this, many of them are quite similar in stature... nothing like Dracula's castle. I'm so curious to learn just a tiny bit more about you, I'm wondering if you are originally Romanian, or from somewhere else where you polished your English to such a brilliant luster, while picking up French, German, Romanian, and visibly some Japanese as well ??? But that is very indiscreet of me... In anycase, I look forward to a profound and moving experience whenever I head across the Floating Bridge of Dreams...


JoMo, I'm on the way... some of your tins would look great in various places around the place to start with... :-) Thanks !


Hello Katie, I'm sure we can find some ghosts if we start opening some of the rooms that have been locked for the past few centuries. And I heard there was a tunnel complex underneath the second cellar down which may also harbor some ghosts... I haven't had time to look for it yet, but back in the 15th and 16th centuries there were quite a few depredations of various sorts carried out around here...


Lynne... Chatoad ?!? oh dear, I'm going to start galumphing again if you keep that up ! :-D


Anonymous said...

LOL Owen, that's quite a little shack you have! I've actually been squatting there for the last few days, but can't seem to locate the kitchen....

Marguerite said...

What a charming place you have there on Blogland Lane, Owen. Count me in for the housewarming party. I'll bring some good Cajun food and perhaps a gallon or two of frozen daiquiris!

Owen said...

Hi Marguerite, excellent idea, Cajun food sounds GREAT !!! But with all the folks that may turn up for the housewarming, we need more than a gallon or two of daquiris.... maybe a few dozen gallons ?! :-D


Hey Rain, you made it ! Keep looking, I'm sure you'll find the kitchen soon, we are waiting for you there ! Just follow the smell of foie gras on toast !


kj said...

owen, this is a riot! i love your visitors and neighbors, some of which i've loved before now!

new year's eve at your place--YES! i know we have to figure out how we organize and communicate our events and goings-on--i'm not the girl to do it (debra kay volunteered to set up mr. linky i think) but i know it will get done.

anyway, i'm just stopping by again so reinforce our acquaintance.. :)

Owen said...

Hi Karen, Stop by anytime ! Don't know if you might have read The Little Prince, but the story of the fox comes to mind, and how little by little, coming a little closer bit by bit, day by day, acquaintances are formed. In French the word is "Apprivoiser"... love that word... Just don't tell Emily Rabbit I was talking about foxes over here, ok ? She might not like that... no, she might not like that at all, and I don't want to get on the bad side of Emily Rabbit in these early days of Blogland Lane ! :-D

@eloh said...

I love your castle. I clicked on all the links but I'm too old and stupid to understand the whole thing. I would want the old goat hut that you photographed.

Bimbimbie said...

I'll start cleaning my rainbow hot air balloon ... it doubles as my silk ballgown for your New Year's Eve Ball*!*

The Sagittarian said...

ah wonderful, where's the cellar?

Owen said...

Dear Saj, the cellar is locked !!! (But if you ask me very nicely I might be able to be persuaded to give you a candlelit tour...)


A rainbow hot air balloon ??? Can't wait to see that !


@eloh, with the rapier sharp writing you exhibit, I do not think "stupid" can be used fairly to qualify you, as for age, it is a mental state, on that front you show signs of agility usually attributed to the young, and your choice of the goat hut is a fine one, revealing many excellent qualities, simplicity, good taste in architecture.... but the whole thing about Blogland Lane which is wonderful, is that you can invent yourself all over again... so you are free to stake out a plot, and build whatever you wish on it, if you so choose... I'd be happy to have your for a neighbor, you have the fine ability to remain quite honest, from the little bit I've seen... see you on the terrace for a beer later ? :-D

M Riyadh Sharif said...

Your house is pretty majestic! Would love to have a party there!

I have also built my own little nest here. Visit me this way!

Cheers!! :)