Saturday, May 2, 2009

Three Excellent Norwegian Blogs . . .

One of the many pleasures of blogging involves getting out for a drive in the countryside as it were, and discovering new blogs. There are literally millions of blogs in existence these days, and one can spend endless hours blog-surfing. . . seeing everything possible under the sun. Now and then, however, one may have a wonderful surprise, and stumble on a blog that immediately brings a big smile to one's face . . . and that is exactly what happened to me yesterday when I found purely and totally by serendipitous chance, a photography blog in Norway run by a gentleman named John, where some of the loveliest photos that I have ever seen of what I have called in several previous posts in these pages "Dream Cars" are displayed.
This photograph of a derelict VW Bus in a car graveyard in Sweden was taken by John, and this beauty, and many other absolutely stunning pictures can be seen at his blog, JohnsFoto.
I would highly recommend that you go take a look quickly if you like dream cars that have gone to automobile heaven, where the clouds are all exhaust, where the angels are hood ornaments, where their horns will honk no more forever, as much as I do. . .
His wife is also a very talented photographer, and has an excellent blog of her own, with more dream cars in it, which you can see here.
John also participates in a group blog with a few other excellent Norwegian photographers which you can see at norsknettfoto. That is where I saw the first of his photos that I came across yesterday, an ancient moss covered VW Bug, and I knew right away I had to see more. . . All three of these blogs are well worth a visit !
I would like to send a big "THANK YOU" to John in Drammen, Norway, for graciously giving me permission to reproduce his beautiful VW Bus photo here :

PS . . This all has absolutely nothing to do with the Monty Python sketch about the Norwegian Blue Parrot. The VW Bus in this picture is not dead, it's just resting ! This is not an ex-VW Bus.


Sar@h said...

Outre les voitures, les deux ont fait un reportage sur Nyksund … J'irai bien y passer quelques heures avec mon APN …

Très intéressant de comparer le rendu des photos entre Monsieur et Madame.

C'est samedi, c'est le marché !
Bonne journée

RosieK said...

Hi Owen and thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comment - welcome - and it's great to have found you as this looks like a fun place to hang out in for a while - especially as I love magic lanterns and old VW camper vans!!

Vivian aka Deborah said...

I do believe this VW bus was at Woodstock......going up to the country!

Amy said...

I love all the textures, aging things of all kinds make me crazy. :D Good find and thanks for sharing!

Owen said...

Amy, well, I'll do my best to keep making you crazy, still have a few more cards up my sleeve ! Thanks for dropping by ;-D

Vivian, I think you are right, Country Joe McDonald and Canned Heat hitch-hiked to Woodstock in this bus, which was later sold to an aging Swedish hippie who had it shipped to Sweden, where it decided to take a rest in a snow bank one winter, and just never got up from its nap !

Rose (Rambling), great to read you here, stop by anytime, the magic lantern is always open...

Sarah, j'espère que le marché était super... j'suis d'accord, les photos de mr & mme sont très intéressant des deux cotés... cela donne envie de partir vers le nord ! A+