Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Still Life in Stones . . .

This could be a self portrait
This tattered scrap of poster
Torn down to make room for the new
Thrown on the ground in a vacant lot
Strewn with stones
Discarded outcast cast off
Left for dead
Yet it is so plain to see
His dreams of flying
Soaring off to distant lands
Dreams of angel wind
Scented with jasmin
Patchouli and hemp
Those dreams
Will never die
Like a hawk
He has already circled off
Beyond the dazzling horizon



That is the chicken said...

Poetry...now that's a treat! Fascinating pictures too! I'll be back!

nathalie in avignon said...

Excellente association texte et photo ! J'apprécie l'inspiration du poème et le décalage magnifique de l'image. Bravo. Du très grand Owen.

Sar@h said...

Ça me fait penser au début du film : "Les plages d'Agnès"

Même si je sais que c'est une affiche et non pas un miroir …

Owen said...

Sarah, je n'ai pas encore vu ce film, va falloir que je remedie cette lacune dans ma culture... à bientôt à Eckmuhl !

Nathalie, Je suis plus que touché là...

Dear Chicken... (is that prairie chicken?) Come back soon, but whatever you do, don't follow the link to the Bloggertropolis blog at right side of this page, do not read the story about Hawks, and definitely do not read the comments happening there! Danger... bird puns ! Well you've been warned... And don't read the piece a few posts down here about the French Chicken Prison, titled "Prisoners"... nor the comments from Sagittarian... and most definitely don't stop by her blog either, you may have to duck !

Buskitten said...

Wow! Incredible shot, Owen! Been busy, but I see there are lots of lovely photos for me to have a look at - great, I can stay on here instead of doing 'chores', yuk!

A rambling rose said...

Oh that dazzling horizon! Magical!

jeff34 said...

J'arrive un peu tard... Amis de la poésie, bonsoir ! Je vois que chacun y va de son petit poème !
'vais m'y mettre aussi !
Ton image-photo Owen est magnifique ! C'est pas l'affiche du gars qui dit qu'il a pêché un thon grand comme ça ? 'me trompe peut-être ?

'reviens te voir Owen ! A toute !

Steve said...

Poetry and birds... mon dieu! You 'ave, 'ow you say, won my 'eart!

Owen said...

Cher Steve, you are just 'ilarious... always a pleasure. For the record, it was the Sagittarian who got me started with 'er remarks about my 'armless wife... see photo several posts down of the frog and I seated on a seaside bench...

Merci J34, it was either a very big tunafish, or... a very, very big tunafish...

Buskit, stay as long as you like, those chores aren't going anywhere !

Rambling... magic is everywhere !

IQXS said...

This is so simple and yet so elegant and poetic. Stunning. I can imagine a class of 8th graders writing essays on what this means to them or the story behind it. Smacks of "rite of passage". Bravo!