Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wheel Is Turning ( and you can't slow down )

Took this picture just the other day at an abandoned mill building near Landerneau, France on a bitter cold end of December day. I love decrepit old decaying creations of man, especially bits of machinery like this one, gears, turning wheels ; deteriorating sooner or later back to dust. From interstellar dust we derive, to dust we shall return... sooner or later. This contraption was part of the mechanism that controlled the opening or closing of sluice gates in what had once been part of the mill race. But it wasn't until I got home and transferred that day's images to a computer that I realized how much color there was here ! It just floored me. Picture was taken in deep shade as the sun was setting around the corner of the big old empty mill... in fact it was so dim I had to use the flash. I had no idea what an array of subtle colors would turn up ; proving once again that when it comes to light and color : magic is abundant...

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