Monday, January 19, 2009

Brown Eyed Susan Women

The human mind is an extraordinarily odd phenomenon on occasion. The below painting is yet another (see earlier posts like the nuclear cows) of the productions from the pallet of the totally talented REK (pronounced "wreck"). I was getting ready earlier today to say something to the effect that his paintings are visual works of music, and in fact evoke music in my mind. For example, this one had me humming the Grateful Dead's "Brown Eyed Women" this morning, I even got out a guitar and ran through the tune, not having played it in a while. But it was not until looking at the image of the painting again this evening and starting to write this paragraph that I suddenly was wondering what kind of flowers these were... when it hit me... they sure look like Brown Eyed Susans. Go figure... In the meanwhile, thanks Mr REK for this masterpiece...

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