Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Syrian Sun

To help me forget that there are still a few more months of Winter to survive, short days and not nearly enough sun, am going back vicariously to Syria again here. You can say what you like about Syria, but it is a beautiful country, and the hospitality we received there was splendid. I would go back again tomorrow and spend another month or two or three poking around as is my wont. Unbelievable history there. This parking lot was at a pilgrimage site for both Muslims and Christians ; the tomb of Abel... as in Cain and Abel, remember ? Victim of fratricide, he is supposedly buried here in the mountains along the border between Syria and Lebanon. Gotta love the sunshine they have in Syria... and the bright colors all over the place... a photographer's heaven. And it is a relatively inexpensive country to travel in. Wonderful meals for not much money. Friendly people. Camels, dates, tons of ancient mosaics, ruins galore, a large population of ancient automobiles (see post way below here titled "Damascus De Soto"), and so on... So don't let the US State Department warnings deter you, Syria is a fabulous place to travel...

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