Saturday, January 24, 2009

Virtually Thirsty ?

After all those very tasty pastries from the Syrian window just below this posting, you must be pretty powerfully thirsty now... this juice squeezer was working on a Damascus street corner in the old city's narrow alleys fairly late one night. After having crossed the Syrian Desert from Palmyra back to Damascus, stopping at the Baghdad Café, having walked most of the afternoon around the souks and mosques of the capital, the freshly squeezed juice this young man was selling for a pittance was a godsend... and delicious. As mentioned earlier, Syria is a beautiful country to travel in and the people are wonderful... as a westerner I sensed none of the animosity that all the bad press about the place might have led one to expect. I just wished I had learned a little Arabic along the way somewhere before going... but between French and English, we got by. I guess the question here is, does this photograph have any artistic merit??? Would the National Geographic have published it ? Well, maybe not quite yet, but I'm working hard at this elusive pursuit of that one truly lovely image which is every photographer's dream... maybe someday... for now you'll just have to settle with what I'm currently capable of producing.

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