Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gone But Not Forgotten

I am an incorrigible lover of maps. Whenever I go anywhere, I try to track down a good map... and the problem is : I then keep them forever. I still have a map of London from a trip I was lucky to have been taken on when I was ten years old. First time across the Atlantic. I came across this one the other day which I had squirreled away somewhere for a rainy day; Pere-Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. This image is only one quarter maybe of the whole, and am only tossing it in here in case any of you hundreds of thousands of readers out there may be planning a trip to France in the near future, or not so near future, or in the pasture... in any case, if you go, don't miss Pere-Lachaise Cemetery, and certainly don't miss Jim Morisson's tomb there. I may have to go back and see what it looks like these days. I know the bust of Jim that was there was stolen long ago, I've seen it only in photographs, but I recall there was an amazing quantity of graffiti all over his tombstone, and many surrounding graves were also covered with messages, and wax from burned down candles, and wilted flowers, and very young looking Swedish hippies sitting trance-like smoking odd smelling cigarettes, and so on... anyway, Jim, in case you can hear me, or maybe if you are reading this: We're sorry you left so soon, come back any time you like...
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