Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stairway To Heaven

If this phrase had not already been used as the title of a vastly famous song, it might have been appropriate for this photo... these stairs go up and up and up out of sight around the visible top of the hill, they continue on upwards, into the infinite heavens above us...
(In fact, these stairs are near the top of the Montagne St Michel, near Brasparts, Brittany, which is between Brest and Morlaix, and not to be confused with the famous Mont St Michel on the English Chanel coast. . . there is a website which shows a photo of the chapel dedicated to St Michel at the top of these stairs which you can see here...)



Zoog said...

Love this Zoomer....Fantastic.... !

Anonymous said...

Lovely picture. Do you happen to have logged where these desolate steps are located?