Monday, November 3, 2008

Dreaming of Infinity

Earlier here below a photo was posted of a man sleeping on a tomb in Haiti, with the title : Dreaming of Eternity. This cow, or calf perhaps, on the other hand, is dreaming of infinity. Gazing for all time at the distant unattainable horizon across the amber fields, one can only imagine what thoughts of freedom may light the mind of a bovine brain. Another dreamscape to ponder at length. The artist in this case is a lovely lady full of surprises (like this painting) named Blanche Stirrat ( "Blanche" is French for "white", fitting, as white contains all colors) who lives in an old farmhouse out in the boondocks which was beautifully restored by her gifted wood-working motorcycle-riding sailboat-building canyon-trail-hiking moon-howling partner in life, who is an artist in his own right... may they live long and prosper... And if anyone is interested in learning what Blanche currently has for sale in her studio, you can send an e-mail to :
blanchejeff at verizon dot net (took out the @ and . to avoid spam) and don't forget to tell her, "Owen sent you"...

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