Monday, October 27, 2008

Milk of Amnesia

Many years ago some kind and good soul named Phillips (perhaps the second or third most common name in England and the United States behind only Smith or Jones) invented a medicinal remedy for constipation and named it Phillips Milk of Magnesia. It became a popular product as apparently it had a reasonably high rate of effectiveness. I always thought there should have been a second product, to be called Phillips Milk of Amnesia... to be taken when ever anything really needed to be forgotten quickly. One would flush out the bowels, the other would flush out the brain ! If some neuro-anatomist researcher some day discovers a medicine that can help people forget really painful experiences, and get a patent on it, that could be worth a fortune. Like Albert Barnes and his Argyrol, the inventor could go out and start buying up large quantities of art... or whatever else might take a person's fancy...

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