Sunday, October 23, 2016

An Open Letter to Donald J. Trump

Dear (Not!) Mister Donald J. Trump,
With horror, with deepening horror, I have observed during these prolonged and painful months of campaigning (should be spelled : cam-pain-ing), month after month, as you have spouted out, like an overflowing toilet, a continual stream of filth and demeaning obscenities directed at anyone and everyone your lizard-like geezer gaze might encounter.

The only people I have not heard you insult, ridicule, or simply dismiss as being far below your so-very-high (Not!) cultural standards for human behavior in our society, are the other one percent of filthy rich men who you like to mingle with.

As a handicapped person myself, I found it repugnant, abhorrent, and disgusting when I saw you publicly mocking another handicapped person.  Just how low can you stoop?  It seems you have no lower limit, when it comes to low blows and stooping ever lower.  You are a bottomless pit of Nasty.  You are the Marianas Trench of Indecency, where the whale feces piles up.  You should launch yourself into space, where you could then fall forever into the black depths of the universe, and never return, thus fulfilling your own obvious ambition of going ever and ever lower.

Many months back, when I heard you grossly insult the entire Mexican people as being rapists and criminals, it was then that I began to realize just how dangerously grotesque you truly are, in the depths of your hollow soul. You Sir (Not!) are on a par with Adolf Hitler, as he spewed out his hateful and murderous rhetoric against people of the Jewish faith, against handicapped and mentally ill people (to be euthanized!), against gays and lesbians, against gypsies, against people of “inferior” racial origins, and against anyone with differing political views from himself, who were only good to be rounded up and herded into concentration camps, where the most despicable acts humanity has ever witnessed occurred.

As a father of two young daughters, I have listened in a state of anger and indignation as you have directed your ugly and horrendously hideous language against women. I listened aghast as you proclaimed to the world how you enjoy accosting female strangers and groping the sexually oriented parts of their anatomy, as though you consider all women to be simply slabs of meat in a butcher shop, there for you to ogle and purchase and consume at your leisure.  You Sir (Not!), are no better than a vulture. A vulture sitting up there in the high tree of your Trump Tower, looking around for any recently-dead carcass, and then swooping down with your horrid head of orange hair upon it, to rip out its eyes, to tear into its belly with your sharp evil talons, sticking your bald neck into its guts, wallowing in the gore and blood, blood that leaks out of any possible orifice that you could imagine putting your filthy fingers in. Even a vulture has far more dignity than you do, because a vulture is what it is by Nature’s design, but you Sir (Not!) have chosen to be the vile masquerade of a human that you are.

You Sir (Not!), have trampled, spat, vomited even, on every possible aspect of human decency. You have encouraged violence at your rallies against anyone who doesn’t support you. You have created entirely new depths for the definitions of “Crude” and “Vulgar”.  Worst of all, is the astonishing arrogance which you display as you continue, day after day, to parade your devastating ignorance in front of cameras and the crowds of other sadly ignorant humans who have fallen for your carnival barker tirades full of hatred, because they too have hatred in their hearts. You have sent your sons out into the world to callously assassinate beautiful wild animals and brag of the sick pleasure they take in murdering such creatures. You have even led us to believe that you would enjoy having sex with your own daughter. You accumulate exotic wives like your sons collect hunting “trophies”.  And yet, after all of this monstrous display of your profound ignominy, you continue to exclaim that you are the best and most wonderful candidate for the office of President of the United States of America?  I would beg to differ, Sir (Not!).

You tell us that you will make America great again, blaring out this ridiculous message on hats that you had made in China. What is more likely is that you would lead America to ruin, just as you have bankrupted your casinos, you would lead America to war, probably even nuclear war, as you have so proudly and publicly declared.  Your incredible lack of education becomes glaringly visible every single time you open your mouth and sound comes out.  Your discourses are on the level of a twelve year old schoolyard bully who beats up his smaller classmates and who brags of torturing small animals.

Although it saddens me to say it, for I would never dream of saying such a thing to any human being, you Sir (Not!), in my most humble opinion, you have one, and only one honorable choice.  And that choice, Sir (Not!), is to make your way up to the top of your terrible Trump Tower of ignorance, and go to the symbolic edge of the roof, and to jump, yes, Mister Donald J. Trump, jump!  (Your middle initial is apt, it should stand for what you need to do: Jump!)

Never would I ever encourage another human being to commit the ultimate act of self-abnegation, to commit suicide by disappearing, but you, Sir (Not!), are not human. You are like an evil ventriloquist’s dummy that has come to life, you are a robot with a diseased mind, you are like a zombie returned from the nightmare world where the cadavers of Hitler and Stalin will be rotting forever.  So please do us all a favor, a major service for the public good of the entire world, and Jump, Mister Trump!

But I know very well that you would never take my advice, not as long as there are more young women out there just waiting to be molested by you, not as long as anyone is left standing that you can enjoy insulting in your twisted and venomous manner, not as long as you have other hate-filled mongrels around you to pump up your sick ego and feed you Viagra pills. 

After you lose the election (erection?), and after you lose the ensuing court battles you will launch to contest your dismal defeat, you will slink off grinning like a hyena, like the sated vulture you are, back to the top of your trumped up Trump Tower, where you will continue your malicious and greedy plotting, geared only toward the accumulation of more stinking wealth, so that you may continue to lead your lavish, gluttonous lifestyle, becoming eventually, we may hope, an obese Mr. Creosote (from The Meaning of Life) and explode as a result of your own phenomenally vile appetites.

The Vulture of Trump Tower, that is how I see you, how most of the world sees you; an ominously evil presence with only one redeeming value that I can detect: By virtue of your colossally disgusting persona, you help us appreciate the kind and good and loving humans we know around us. 

Farewell, Donald Jump Trump, after November, I seriously hope to never, ever hear of you again, or to hear any more of the poison you spout at every occasion. Enough already!


Anne de Muizon said...

Bien dit ! Quel affreux personnage qui fait honte à la race humaine 😜

English Rider said...

It is scary how many people still echo his doctrine. All who missed critical thinking class in school. Strange land.
It won't be over until the election is done.
Glad something brought you back to blogging

lgsquirrel said...

Owen! You have surfaced! You have emerged from the shadows to defend us from the vile and the evil. Thank you.

However, even after November, that may not be the last we heard of Trump......apparently Trump TV is in the works.

Monica Engell said...

Applause, Owen,- applause!

I'm sitting,- up here in the north of Europa, shaking my head in front of the television and I don't understand nothing of what is going on over there...?
What is wrong with that man....?!!!

Good luck with the November election

Owen said...

Hello Monica Engell... it just defies comprehension... and now the worst imaginable has happened...